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We organize the IMAT Exam Preparation Courses which we organized in Italy in past years for the students who wish to study medicine in Italy, in Istanbul with our experienced and expert lecturer staff. 

In the IMAT Preparation Course that we have prepared for our students, our goal is to contribute to the academic success of students and prepare them for the exam. You can participate in the IMAT Preparation Course both in the summer term and in the semester.

The curriculum of our Summer Terms IMAT Preparation Course is as follows;

Logic and Mathematics Lessons (20 Lessons)

Biology (22 Lessons)

Chemistry (18 Lessons)

Physics (8 Lessons)

General Culture (8 Lessons)

Mock Exams (4 Lessons)

The dates of our Summer Term IMAT Preparation Courses

1. Group: 29 June – 12 July 2020 (European Side)

2. Group: 13 July – 26 July 2020 (European Side) Question Solution Group

3. Group: 3 August – 16 August 2020 (Anatolian Side)

4. Group: 17  August – 30 August 2020 (Anatolian Side) Question Solution Group

5. Group: 17  August – 30 August 2020 (European Side)

Question Solution Group

The curriculum of our courses, which will be held on the European Side between 13 July – 26 July 2020 and Anatolian Side between 17  August – 30 August 2020 , are designed in such a way that our participating students can solve the problems with our expert teachers. In addition, students will be provided with plenty of questions and mock exams to prepare for the IMAT Exam.

Anatolian Side Group

Our IMAT Summer Preparation Courses, which will be held between August 3 and August 16, 2020 and 17  August – 30 August 2020 , will be in our course center on the Anatolian Side. Our IMAT Summer Course on the Anatolian Side will be organized in Kadıköy and the full address will be shared with you in the following days.

Advantage of Early Registration

the fee of our IMAT Summer Program is 5000 TL. We offer 1.000 TL discount to students who register to our IMAT Prep Course Summer Program until February 28, 2020. In addition, if our students want to participate in both groups, Preparation Group and Question Solution Group, the fee of our IMAT Summer Program is 7.500 TL for both groups.

The payment can be done by credit card.

Resource Books and Mock Exams

Resource books are given to every student who attends the IMAT Preparation Course. Practical exams are also given to our students as additional.

You can call us at +90 212 544 24 15 and +90 532 544 24 15 to get detailed information about IMAT Preparation Course.

For Detailed Information: https://pisaedu.com/kurslar/imat-hazirlik-kursu/

Preparation for IMAT Exam with Pisa Edu Difference

As Pisa Edu, one of the departments where we place the most students is the Medical Faculties in Italy. For the organization of the students’ IMAT Exam preparation process, we first perform a placement test. After that, if our student wishes, they can attend private or group classes for the exam organized by our institution. We provide free of charge preparation books and nearly 30 practical exams for each student who is preparing for IMAT Exam.

We organize a study program together according to the results of the practical exams we have done to our valuable students. Within the scope of this study program, we follow the preparation process of our students together with our weekly practical exams.

By choosing Edu in the IMAT Exam preparation process, you will receive service from a consultancy firm that has placed hundreds of students in Medical Faculties in Italy since 2012, when English Medical Education started in Italy, and at the same time, by the IMAT Exam preparation courses given with expert education staff and you can easily reach your dream of studying medicine in Italy with the trials.


Since 2012, we have placed tens of students in Medical Faculties in Italy. The satisfaction rate of our parents and students who receive service from us is very high. You can review the comments about us from our social media accounts and references on our site.

For Detailed Information regarding our consultancy services you can call us at +90 212 544 24 15 and +90 532 544 24 15 .

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